Propane Pricing Programs

Keep your prices from rising during the winter with one of our highly competitive Pricing Programs. Our programs are available every summer to your keep rates from rising during the cold winter months.  Options include Pre-Buy, Price-Cap, and Budget plans that are available with both Automatic-Fill and Will-Call delivery preferences.

PRE-BUY PROGRAM Pre-Buy 500+ gallons at our BEST rate. If all Pre-Buy gallons are used up, additional gallons will not exceed Price-Cap rate.BUDGET PROGRAM Make equal monthly payments and receive Price-Cap protection at no additional cost.PRICE-CAP PROGRAM Guarantee rate will not exceed Price-Cap rate & Pay as you go (Net 30 days or CIA)MARKET PRICING Purchase competitive market rate deliveries as needed
Purchase competitive market rate deliveries as needed
Automatic-Fill or Will-Call options (per credit qualifications)XXXX
Pricing Program good through April 30th annuallyXXX
Guaranteed rate won’t exceed Price-Cap rate XXX
Membership FeeNONENONE$50NONE
Equal monthly payments based on your history and projected usageX
Pay as you need the gas (either CIA or Net 30 days per credit qualifications)XX


Additional Terms:

  • Each delivery must fill the tank to capacity (300 gallons or more), or the price charged per gallon will be at the current going rate for the delivery amount requested.
  • Timely payments must be made Net 30 Days from the delivery date on the fill ticket, in advance, or per the Budget Program and according to the terms of customer’s individual account in order for pricing program rate to apply (missed payments will void price contract and propane will then be delivered at the going rate).
  • To be eligible for any pricing programs, customer must have a 475 gallon or larger tank, use 500 or more gallons annually (minimum Pre-Buy purchase is 500 gallons), be credit qualified, and have an account in good standing as defined by Hopkins Propane.
  • Program pricing begins on the date payment is received and ends April 30th annually. Hopkins Propane shall not be liable for failure to perform its obligations due to acts of God, unmaintained driveways, or any other cause beyond its control such as allocation or force majeure.
  • For customers requesting a “top-off” delivery at the end of the contract: tank must be at 40% or below and the order must be placed by April 15th to ensure delivery by April 30th.
  • Automatic-Fill customers will automatically be “topped-off” if the tank is estimated to be at 40% or below by April 30th. Payment indicates contract acceptance.
  • Excess Pre-Buy credit will carry over on the customer’s account to be used towards subsequent propane purchases or will be refunded after the agreement end date per customer’s request.
  • BUDGET:By enrolling in the Budget Program, it is agreed that the monthly Budget Payment set by Hopkins Propane will be paid regardless if there is a credit balance or a balance due. Payments will be due by the 28th of each month from June 28th-April 28th. Monthly Budget amounts are reviewed mid-season and may be increased or decreased to avoid a large balance due or credit. All Budgets are settled annually in May. Any balance owing on the account after April 28th, will be due in full by May 28th.  If there is a credit on the account after April 28th, no payment is due by May 28th. Cash-In-Advance (CIA) accounts may participate in the Budget Program, however, it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure there is enough credit on the account to cover each delivery. Any shortage would need to be paid prior to a delivery request being dispatched.
  • All pricing programs end April 30th annually.