However you choose to use propane, Hopkins Propane can provide the proper tank size to fit your needs.  Our service technicians are experienced with setting tanks from as small as 57 gallons (200lbs) up to 2400 gallons and larger to accommodate nearly any type of usage.

57 Gallon Propane Tank

The 57 gallon tank is perfect for seasonal usage such as in a campground. This is the smallest size propane tank currently available.

120 Gallon Propane Tank

The 120 gallon tank is perfect for seasonal usage such as in a campground and they’re also nice for taking the chill out of a room by supplying propane to a fireplace log set or a space heater.

57 & 120 Gallon Propane Tanks

200/250 Gallon Propane Tank

The 200/250 gallon propane tanks are idea for usage supplementing another heat source or for supplying propane to non-heating appliances such as water heaters, dryers, and stoves.

HP 4th tank size

325 Gallon Propane Tank

The 325 gallon tank is the only size we sell outright to customers.  This tank is perfect for whole-house generators, as a backup heat source for those burning wood, corn, pellets, or those using a geothermal heat source.  This tank is also perfect for a smaller homes or homes with a consumption under 500 gallons per year.  Please contact us for current pricing information.

500 Gallon Tank - correct

475/500 Gallon Propane Tank

The 475/500 gallon tanks are the standard size for residential home heating applications.  These tanks are generally used for residential home heating, or for those who generally use between 500-1500 gallons of propane per heating season.

HP 1000 tank size

1000 Gallon Propane Tank

The 1000 gallon tank is ideal for those using between 1500-5000 gallons of propane per heating season (September-March). These tanks are commonly set for commercial use, agricultural use, autogas stations, filling stations, and at churches.

Hopkins Propane 2400 Gallon Tank

2400 Gallon Propane Tank

The large, 2400 gallon tanks are perfect for those using around 5,000+ gallons per year.  These tanks are commonly set for agricultural purposes such as corn drying.


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